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*All policies subject to change without notice. Please revisit this page regularly for the most current, up-to-date version of our Agency Policies.*

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YogiPro assumes full responsibility for any/all mistakes, infractions, and/or errors occurring from internal fault. Corrections to direct errors on the part of YogiPro do not incur hourly charges, providing we are given notice of the existence of such mistakes, infractions, and/or errors within a judicious and sagacious timeframe (see REVIEW TIMELINE below) of the submission and/or completion of any drafts and/or deliverable(s).


When you book your appointment, you are holding space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other clients. If cancellation is necessary, we require that you send notice via email 24 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time.

A cancelation is considered late when the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when a client misses an appointment without canceling. In this case, we ask the client to pay the full amount of time for the scheduled appointment. With a cancellation, less than 24 hours in advance we ask the client to pay ½ of the scheduled appointment time.


Studio T, LLC/ d.b.a. YogiPro, LLC its owners, Fleet, associates, contractors, constituents, Mavens, nor affiliates will, under no circumstances, ever, for any reason perform any work for free or below a livable rate of payment. We want to give you everything you ask for but please understand that if you ask for it, we have to charge for it.

YogiPro bills for a minimum of 15 minutes of work on any given day.


The entire YogiPro Fleet is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of any/all information, trade secret, confidence, and/or secret of all Clients at all times. YogiPro requires explicit and specific written permission directly from each client in order to share any related information at any time for any reason.

YogiPro in turn requires the confidentiality of any information, trade secret, confidence, and/or secret of YogiPro to also be maintained by all clients, employees, contract employees, affiliates, associates, and/or subcontractors. Clients are furthermore asked not to disclose or release to any third party any information pertaining to any of YogiPro’s Mavens, including but not limited to, name, address, social security number, identification number, hours worked, and/or billing rates without first obtaining YogiPro’s prior written consent.

The terms of this confidentiality policy extend beyond the termination of any and all contracts with YogiPro.


YogiPro (just like many agencies providing similar services) charges for correspondence. Any phone calls pertaining directly to your account and/or project are billable beyond 15 minutes in length and all electronic messages are invoiced at the rate of three (3) messages per one quarter (¼) hour of billable time, with a minimum of one quarter (¼) hour of billable time per day.

Why do you charge for correspondence? Because it takes an unfathomable amount of time. (Seriously, #youhavenoidea)


YogiPro is happy to welcome all vaccinated individuals to meet with us in person in Santa Fe, NM. Unvaccinated individuals at this time are restricted to remote appointments only until further notice. We value our health, we believe in science, and we look forward to meeting with you soon.


In light of recent collective experiences, we feel it is important to remember that there is no such thing as a website or graphic design “emergency”. Everyone is breathing air, there is clean water, and we’re reasonably certain if you’re reading this, you have a warm place to sleep. We understand that your organization relies on the digital resources we provide and are committed to doing everything in our power to make sure everything runs smoothly at all times, in light of all circumstances. We simply ask that you meet us there. YogiPro cannot be responsible for “emergent” situations due to a lack of planning. We do understand that sometimes, things come up unexpectedly. We want to help however we can, whenever possible, and 99.9% probably will if you ask us (nicely), but ultimately, your emergencies must be yours to hold. (We tried taking those on for people; it made us pretty sick 😕)


Cost, quality, and turnaround time cannot all be guaranteed and/or prioritized to the same extent. (By anyone – we didn’t make this up!) For all requests, clients must decide and communicate which two of the 3 are to be prioritized by YogiPro upon project delivery.


YogiPro will charge and invoice for the creation of any/all estimates, bids, and/or proposals only in the event of acceptance of such estimate(s), bid(s), and/or proposal(s). If any bid, proposal, and/or estimate submitted by YogiPro is not accepted, YogiPro will not charge or invoice for the production cost of said estimate, bid, and/or proposal.


Any/all work, products, and/or other copyrightable material(s) resulting from the performance of services provided is considered the sole property of our clients, providing invoices are paid in full. Registration, defense, and/or other actions pertaining to such copyrights are also the sole responsibility of the client.

YogiPro and any/all subsidiaries reserve the right to publish and/or otherwise use any work product and/or other copyrightable material resulting from the performance of any/all services provided for our own marketing purposes. Such publications and/or the use of materials belonging to clients will always link and/or reference the entity of our clients directly.


Out of respect for our talented team of creatives, kindly allow the YogiPro Mavens as much time as possible to complete projects. We do our best, most creative work when timelines are relaxed and reasonable. If you have a Venture that is expected to involve the Fleet at any point, we ask to be notified of the full project at the earliest possible opportunity so that we may prepare for our part of it. The more lead-time we have, the more we can offer to you in terms of strategic solutions and creative materials for all your brilliant ideas.


Communication will inevitably occur via the personal devices belonging to Thea or the Mavens at some point. However, we can only guarantee responses to texts or phone calls via the YogiPro business line at (575) 425-0595. We recommend contacting us directly via this phone or by email at hello@yogipro.co in order to ensure reliable and timely communication pertaining to your account at all times. YogiProductions is able to guarantee responses to all messaging within 24-48 hours, Mon-Fri.

*Pro Tip: If you don’t get a response within that timeframe, please assume that we did not receive your message and you should send it again.


YogiPro requires one single point of contact for each client account. YogiPro cannot be responsible for conflicting agendas, discrepancies, and/or disagreements within internal client operations, nor reduced quality and/or infractions of requested work due to the receipt of unclear communication resulting from such client-internal conflicts, discrepancies, and/or disagreements.


YogiPro does the best possible job to respond to all queries promptly and with care. The YogiPro Fleet is also human with lives we love (and that makes us creatively excellent!). As a general rule, clients may expect confirmation and/or responses to all communication by a YogiPro Maven within 24-48 hours, Mon – Fri. If greater urgency is needed at any given time, the Client will include the term, “URGENT” within the subject line and content of any related message and YogiPro will respond to the matter as if it were emergent. Rush fees will apply as stated below (see RUSH RATES). YogiPro guarantees the receipt of any communication no earlier than the following business day.


Upon submission of any draft or final deliverable for review, feedback, and/or additional requests to YogiPro must be returned to YogiPro within a judicious and sagacious timeframe of ten (10) days or less from the date of submission. Any/all feedback and/or communications relating to prior submissions received after such ten (10) days will be considered a new venture, relieving YogiPro of associated responsibilities as stated above.* 


YogiPro charges 1.5x the contract rate for all rush jobs.* Rush is defined by requests or work orders that require the production of graphics in less than three and one-half (3.5) weeks, or twenty-five (25) days, or completion of all other tasks in less than ten (10) days. YogiPro reserves the right to refuse any “rush” job as defined above, on a case-by-case basis.*

YogiPro employs industry-standard development practices and takes industry-standard preventive measures to ensure all websites and/or deliverables work reliably with minimum ongoing intervention post-launch. However, due to standard complexities, unexpected issues may arise, causing a website to temporarily cease functioning for a variety of reasons. Despite best efforts to consistently monitor on all sites at all times, YogiPro is not responsible for immediate awareness of such lapses in function. Such unforeseen circumstances are standard operating hazards. YogiPro is committed to responding to these kinds of emergent circumstances in a prompt and timely fashion. In the case of issues not due to development and/or activity performed directly by YogiPro, the rush rate of time-and-a-half will apply.

Why the Rush Rate? All requests fall into a queue of work orders from all our clients and are processed in the order received. Rush jobs often have to jump the queue, disrupting the normal workflow and intercepting the project timeline for other clients. Depending on the severity, Mavens assigned to a rush job might be working at absurd hours or performing other scheduling gymnastics (at their own discretion, if they consent to do so) in order to meet a rush deadline. YogiPro pays and therefore must charge for such impressive dedication and flexibility.


Flexibility is at the core of what we do. However, please keep in mind that changes to Ventures impact both time and budget. YogiPro reserves the right to adjust the quote for any Venture should the scope or amount of work expected is increased significantly.

Click here for more information about #ScopeCreep


YogiPro requires all requests from our clients to consist of clear and complete information and/or content, submitted at all times in writing, within a timeframe that affords us as much time as possible to synthesize and/or translate such information before the due date of any/all deliverables.

All edits and/or work requests must be submitted via the YogiPro Content/Request Submission form. The form can be found right here on the YogiPro website: YogiPro.co/submit**Bookmarking this link is recommended**

Clients are to use their designated AccountAcronym for all deliverables requested via the submission form. Due to the nature of the work, our project flow, and trends of incomplete and/or un-actionable information, any/all work requests received by YogiPro outside of the official YogiPro Content/Request Submission form will incur an additional $10 processing fee per request*. All work requests must be submitted via this form in writing and will be confirmed or denied by YogiPro within 1-2 business days of receipt.


YogiPro is not responsible for the deliverable of any request for which we did not directly confirm receipt.

Why the $10 processing fee? Form submissions feed directly into our task management system, and in many cases are automatically delegated. Work orders sent via email often do not contain all the necessary information, initiating countless steps of additional back and forth correspondence to obtain missing details, incurring unnecessary costs for our clients. Emailed requests must also be processed manually, wrenching workflow and causing a lot of undue pressure for the Fleet. Turns out, creativity hates stress, so it’s extremely important that our time and energy are fully available for designing the most efficient, highest quality creative solutions for each and every one of our clients.


Consistent maintenance of email thread integrity facilitates YogiPro’s ability to uphold budgetary interests and/or constraints successfully. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, referential ease, & in mind of the enormous volume of email correspondence with all clients, subject lines should consist of the title of the task/deliverable. Failure to maintain thread integrity is defined by initiating new emails in response to but not actually attached to any message for the original conversation, and it is hands-down the most obnoxious part of our day. (Seriously, nails on a chalkboard 🤯 )

YogiPro is not responsible for maintaining the budget of any Venture during which thread integrity is not fully upheld to the best of everyone’s efforts and ability.*

**Be a 🌟STAR🌟 Client! Reply in Thread! Woo!**


At YogiPro, we use an automated software suite to facilitate regular maintenance for all the websites we build and/or oversee. These basic functions ensure all sites keep running smoothly and significantly aid in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our response in the event of an issue. WHEN something goes wrong with a site (because the #WorldWideWeb is ever-changing – see the list below for standard industry hazards of owning a website) it is important we have a handle on these six fundamentals in order to quickly and efficiently correct any issues that may arise. 

Our software suite monitors the following basic functions of your website: 

Backups – see THIS article to understand the importance of backups 

Security – see THIS article to understand the importance of website security 

Performance – see THIS article to understand the importance of performance checks 

Uptime – see THIS article to understand the importance of uptime monitoring 

SEO – see THIS article to understand the importance of SEO monitoring 

Link Monitor – How about all these fancy links, eh? They’re working because of link monitoring!

Maintaining regular backups for any online store & database is absolutely imperative to the continued viability and success of such an asset. It safeguards against potentially tragic data loss or emergencies resulting from corruption or breeching.

To further understand the importance of a backup system, take a look at THIS ARTICLE.

*No matter what it is, we’re gonna be people about it. Exceptions do apply, and our most important intention is to handle each situation fairly and with care. These policies are in place to ensure the health and support of our fleet, the efficiency and quality of our work, and the healthy continuance of all professional relationships. Fairness is deeply important and at the core of our process, and we can promise to treat each situation as uniquely as the individual notion itself.*