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What is a yogi?

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    noun yo·gi \ ˈyō-gē\

    variants: or less commonly yogin \ˈyō-gən, -ˌgin\

    1. a person who practices yoga
    2. an adherent of Yoga philosophy
    3. a markedly reflective or mystical person
    4. someone distinguished from others by qualities present in day-to-day life, qualities such as a forgiving heart, a compassion for others, deep integrity, and a devotion to practice.

      which brings us to the…

      YogiProductions Mission Statement

      “To provide a service that is authentic and honest. To create a mutually beneficial experience that balances product and relationship. To shepherd an idea into a reality that holds fast to the cornerstones upon which you built your dream.”

      YogiProductions is a female-owned, Northern New Mexican multimedia small business founded in 2014 specializing in custom web design, development, and maintenance. Based in Santa Fe, NM, YogiProductions’ expert fleet of mavens build products and provide services tailored to the specific needs of each client venture, working with such varied entities as non-profit service organizations, candidates for public office, custom home designers, and mechanical and electrical contractors. As a child, I watched my parents build a business founded in integrity and hard, honest work. As a yogi, I made a vow to live a life that upholds those same values. As a business, we promise to employ those values in our work for your success.

      Let’s put the Yogi in YogiProductions

      We do not retain the rights to any of the assets or materials we create for a client.  Everything we build – all intellectual property – belongs to the client once our bill is paid in full. We will only retain the rights to display those products and materials in our portfolio, with direct links back to the client’s website. This allows for our clients to fully retain and integrate all assets and media created for them to build a strong and long-lasting business.

      Our priority is cultivating a long-term relationship with clients, so we tailor everything we do to the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on our ability to discern and distill a client’s vision into a bespoke integrated design and marketing strategy. Communication patterns, schedules, assets, our graphic building – all are customized to the client’s needs. 

      We don’t limit ourselves to current areas of expertise; rather, we are eager and willing to learn and become experts regarding whatever needs to be done to complete a project. And that learning process is never part of the client’s expense.

      We provide strategic consultation and foster self-sufficiency in our clients, as we are willing to educate clients to manage as much of their assets as they wish.

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