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Thea Hutchinson

Thea Hutchinson

Thea Hutchinson

Business Consultant & Website Developer

Thea Hutchinson brings a background in sustainable business and over a decade of experience in content management, marketing, project management, and customer service.

She has worked as a business & entrepreneurship consultant and for the past few years focusing on consumer goods and lifestyle brands. She has her undergraduate from Bryn Mawr College and her has her masters in Business Administration in Sustainable Systems from Presidio Graduate School. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and their two kids.

She joined YogiPro in early 2020 as a developer and enjoys finding the perfect website design for each client. She became the owner of YogiPro in 2023. Her skillset for YogiPro includes site builds, content strategy, content management, consulting and website maintenance.

YogiPro talents include (but not limited to!):

WordPress Development . | . Design Layout . | . Shopify Development . | . Business Consulting . | . Customer Service . | . Content Management