Gabriella Ervin

Gabriella Ervin

Administrative Assistant

Having grown up alongside a developing digital era, Gabriella has natural comprehension of various digital and technological mediums. Aside from building her gaming PC or skiing in New Mexico’s mountains, Gabriella can be found deep within books and the internet with an eagerness to explore.

Recipient of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, she has a broad perspective of global and local affairs. Her education has provided her with the necessary skills to develop her organized and driven habits further.

Gabriella continues to build upon her experience with admin assistance, website and social media work, and digital content creation. Regardless of task size, or significance she will produce high-quality and effective content. Born in Taos and raised in Santa Fe, Gabriella works for her community through advocacy and sustainability.

YogiPro talents include (but not limited to!):

Task Management . | . Scheduling. | . Email Maintenance