Sarah Livingston

Sarah Livingston

Impératice Régnante Suprême, HMFIC

With a dream to build a career that maximized her own personal freedom, Sarah founded YogiProductions in 2014 with her laptop at her kitchen table. She found her education in tech by unconventional means; through tutorial videos, the Code Academy, and mainly her own thirst to build a life that didn’t tie her to any one place.

Sarah’s greatest gift lies in her skills with people. She has a knack for translating clients’ requests into real, actual results with bold choices and a creative touch.

Our favorite translation of Dharma is that which is one’s greatest joy is also one’s life purpose. Sarah is a Dream Conduit – her path lies in helping people turn their dreams into things they can touch. She’s done so for herself and is stoked to do the same for you.

YogiPro talents include (but not limited to!):

Web & eCommerce Development . | . Graphic Design . | . Branding . | . Business Consulting . | . Digital Media Marketing . | . Language Counseling
. | . Professional Organization . | .

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